Sunday, 8 February 2015

Worst dressed at the Grammys 2015

The Grammys might be the biggest night in music but this year we were astounded by how many of the biggest names in music got got their outfit so wrong from Rihanna looking like a fluffy pink marshmallow to Jane Fonda looking like a green power Ranger.

So lets take a look some of the worst dressed at the Grammys 2015:

Its the Grammys so we expecting to see Rihanna in something shocking but we were not expecting to see her in this  loofah-esque gown , so if she wanted to get people talking she definitely did that other than that we have no idea what she was thinking.

Kim kardashian - West Jean Paul Gaultier dress looked more like a dressing gown with shoulder pads 

Madonna - Were can we start with this outfit i'm not sure but its just as awful as her other outfits and carer lately making us ask when will she get off this whirlwind of awful.

joy villa - if you are asking why she just wearing Orange netting your not alone

Lady Gaga awfully plain but awful non the less in this silver low cut dress
Worst: Miranda Lambert in Gabriela Cadena

Miranda Lambert in Gabriela Cadena - not as out there as some of the other worst dressed but still looking just as bad 

Megan Trainor - dress just dose not falter her

Rita Ora dress took all the shape out of her leaving her looking a piece of tinsel

jenny lewis

jane fonda looking like a power ranger or an elf

Worst: Charli XCX in Moschino charlie xcx what is going on ?

So what do you think of this years worsted dressed at the Grammys?, Dont forget To check out our Best Dressed at the Grammys 2015