Sunday, 30 November 2014


A Winters Day

Alice's Tip of The Day

Todays tip of the day is to upgrade your buttons on clothes because sometimes  the only way you can tell that your favorite jacket isn't very expensive is the buttons , but by changing them to a better quality button will make it look  more expensive & original.  


Snow Queen

A look inspired by the snow queen in Narnia ~ Alice 


Thursday, 27 November 2014

Chloe's tip of the day.

LHey everyone! So my tip of the day is about feet!!!!

Ok so basically if you suffer from cracked skin on your heals, you can easily solve it with two simple things! 

Rub Vaseline over the cracks before bed and put on a pair of socks. Then by the time you wake up in the morning you'll have baby soft feet! 

Enjoy ❤️✨ Chlo x

Alice's tip of the Day

If you're out shopping and see something you really like but don't think it will suit you or the patterns to bold, take a chance and try it on you  might be surprised and it could become your favorite piece.


A Tartan Look


Wednesday, 26 November 2014


Absolutely love this style!!! 

Enjoy!❤️-Chlo x

Product Recommendation

Hi everybody this is my first product recommendation ,so i thought the first  product i would recommend is something that i use a lot whether its on myself or on clients in the salon , i have tried all different brands of hairspray, from high street brands to salon brands but L'Oreal Elnett hairspray is probably one of my favorites and is one i use on my hair a lot. However lately it has gone up in price  but is still just priced in the middle of the range and totally worth the money. It ranges between £3- £8 and it comes in different sized  bottle size , strengths.

Reasons why i like it:
- it holds the style for a long time
-its weather resistant
- its not all thick and sticky 
- it just brushes out 
- its not to heavy for fine hair 
- its suitable for all different types of hair  

Dont forget to check out their other products ~ Alice 

Alice's Celebrity Hair of the moment

There are a lot of celebrities hair that looks amazing, but lately Fearne Cotton has been getting it spot on with a 60's inspired hair style. That is why she is my celebrity hair of the moment . 

 Also checkout Fearne's clothing range for Very.

Chloe's tip of the day.

So my fashion tip of the day is what goes best with what eye colour! 😍

So let's start with 
blue eyes!
-Classic neutrals 
-All shades of pink
-Deep blues
-Lighter blues

Green eyes:
-Deep greens
-Pale yellows
Hazel eyes:

-Dark neautrels 

Brown eyes:
  • -Kahki Browns 
    -Soft pinks
    -Rich blue hue 


Glitz and glam! Want something sparkly? Follow our polyvore and you can see prices and places of all the outfits we post! 

Enjoy❤️ Chlo x

Chloe's tip of the day!

My tip for today is newspaper nails!

So basically what your going to need is
-white nail varnish ( I would suggest O.P.I but you can use whatever) 
-top coat 
-12 strips of newspaper

First of all you need to paint your nails with a matt base coat, so you don't stain your nails and the varnish stays on longer.

Next paint the nails with a white colour varnish giving it two coats.

Then you need to dip your fingers in a small pot of alcohol then quickly press the newspaper over your nail hold it there for 30 seconds.

Once you peel the paper carefully off your nail you need to wait a minute of so for it to dry.

Then finally apply one layer of strengthening top coat and your done!  
Hope you enjoy trying this! If you decide to give it a try drop us a comment or tag us in the picture on Twitter! 

Enjoy❤️-Chlo x


                             some of my favorite pandora jewelry~ alice

Beyonce's new fringe

What does everybody think about beyonce's new fringe , do you love , hate or think its ok vote on our poll at the top of the blog or add comment to tell us what you think. 

Alice's Tip Of The Day

Today my tip is for those of you who wear a lot of neutral colours but want to brighten up your look.

This seasons is full of colour and i know alot of people who always wear neutrals (Black,Grey,white,Brown,navy) but want to add
some colour .
So my tip would be to add  a pop of colour with Bright  accessories. 

                         ~ Alice

Womens Autumn/Winter 2014 Colour Trends

This Seasons there are four main colour palettes 

                                                               Pastel Tones 
Bright  Tones

                                                                   Jewel Tones 
                                                               Neutrals Tones 

Tuesday, 25 November 2014


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Alice's Tip of the Day

My tip of the day is how to make your own lip scrub 

Now its cold lips are getting dryer and cracked, so here is just one of the ways you can make a lip scrub.
what you will  need :
  • Sugar 
  • olive oil or coconut              

just mix them together and rub on your lips.


Monday, 24 November 2014

Chloe's tip of the day!

Right so my tip of the day is Hair Chalk! 

So basically I've had my hair every colour under the sun and it's has killed my hair! And I was looking at semi permanent hair dyes and it was all the same, then I saw hair chalk. 

How to hair chalk:

Make sure to wet the hair first so the color will attach to it. However if you’re blonde, do not wet the hair before chalking unless you want the color to stay in longer.

Apply to the chalk to the piece of hair in a downward motion, twist the hair as you chalk. You can try for an ombre look, or just do a couple pieces of hair.

Then you can dry it with a hair dryer or just let it air dry. For an added effect you can use a curling wand and just curl the chalked pieces of hair.

That's my tip of the day! 


Alice's Tip Of The Day

So today my tip is how to make nail varnish with eye shadow in four easy steps 
What you will need:
  • An eye shadow in the colour of your choice 
  • A clear nail varnish 
  • A small container 

  1. First you pour some of the clear nail varnish  in the container (the amount you use depends on how much nail varnish you want to make )
  2. Then you  scrape some of the eyeshadow into the container which contains the nail varnish.
  3. Next you mix together the eyeshadow and the nail vanish.
  4. And there you have it, you have a brand new nail varnish  that you can paint your nails with.
If  you have any questions or if you decide to make this nail varnish then please leave a comment & upload pictures in the comment box or on our twitter

  Tuesdays Tip of the day enjoy~ Alice 

Elsa Look

  Disney Frozen inspired Look ~ Alice

Sunday, 23 November 2014

American Horror Story Set

We love the style from the to show "American Horror Story" The Coven! 
So we decided to make up a boarded about it! 

Enjoy!❤️-Chlo x

Make up

  some of my favorite party makeup ~ Alice

Chloe's favourite Make Up.


Casual Chic

This is my casual look , i tend to wear things like this on a typical day enjoy ~ Alice 

Chloe's Perfume Of The Month.

My perfume of the month is:

CHANEL COCO Eau De Toilette Spray 

It's described as an: Oriental-floral, a warm, sensual fragrance. 

I love this perfume if I could I would make it my perfume of a lifetime! 

You can find it here:

 for just £78.96

Enjoy❤️-Chlo x

Beanie Weather!

Beanies! Beanies everywhere!! 

😁 enjoy❤️-Chlo 

Ice skating Winter Wardrobe

Want a day ice skating? This is what we think the perfect outfit would be! 

Enjoy!- Alice x Christmas Party

 All clothes and accessories can be found on the New Look website or if anybody wants prices just leave a comment 

Winter day.

Winter day! 

Ask if you want to know price and shops :) 


Winter day set

Everything Primark!

Christmas Party Outfit.

The dress: £100 from
The jacket:£695 from
The shoes:£22 from
The clutch:£155 from
The umbrella: £130 from
Enjoy❤️- chlo

Alice's Perfume of the Month

 I am loving lots of different perfumes at the moment, but my favorite of all is Diesel's Loverdose.

Fragrance Style: Designer
Fragrance Notes:
               Heart Notes
  Vanilla ,Liquorice
              Top Notes
 Mandarin , Star anise
          Base Note
Dry woods

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Alice's Tip Of The Day

My First Random tip of the day !!!

 So everybody knows when you wear high heel boots or just generally heels your feet start to sweat and become slippy. So my tip is to spray your feet with hairspray before you put your heels on, to stop them from slipping and becoming sweaty.

Chloe's tip of the day!

So this is the first of my tips of the day ! So I've decided to do a hair one!

Ok so when I was younger I suffered a lot with greasy hair, most mornings I would have to use dry hair shampoo even thou I had washed my hair the night before. 

As you can imagine I sometimes randomly ran out and being 14 I wasn't going into school with greasy hair! 

So I tried to find something that would help and my savior came in the form of Johnson's baby powder! 

All you need to do is tip a little into your hands and rub them together, then zyush it into your hair at the roots. Make sure to really shake your hair thou or you could end up looking grey 

So that's a random tip for today!