Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Dark Green

"Dark Green" by everythingrosy on Polyvore

Sass&Belle - Shop Review

I recently watched some you tube hauls which included items from sass & belle which i had never heard of before but the items they included were totally gorgeous  so after watching the hauls i went on there website    and just had a look on at the items they had to offer  but ended up buying things because everything was just so nice and really good prices . i bought two things for me and i bought a couple of presents for people who birthdays are coming up which are amazing and wish i could keep for myself , so unfortunately cant show you them you yet but iv took pictures so i will post them when iv given the presents. 

But above are pictures of what i bought for myself . The first Item is a Unicorn Jewelry dish  which is only £9.95. I originally saw on YouTube and just loved  because i love all things unicorn  so just had to buy it and the other thing i bought  was a cream bird decoration for £1.50 which is so cute and dainty. overall i really love this shop the products are amazing and the delivery was really fast so i will definitely be ordering from there again.  

Monday, 26 January 2015

Where to find the prices!

Hey Guys!
I just wanted to let you all know where you can find all the prices and places the clothes are from. We post a lot of sets and it can be annoying if you see something you love and then have no idea where to get it from.

So all of the set we make are from we think its a brilliant way to display the different styles of clothing. Anyway what you need to do is, Go to the link and find the set that has the item of clothing you saw and select it. Then scroll down and all of the prices for everything on the set will be there.

hope that helps somehow. Also if anyone wants us to start posting prices with the sets and links to the online shops that they are from, just leave a comment on this post or one of the sets.

Thanks For Reading
Chlo x

Pizza Night In.

Wake Up Be Awesome.


Sunday, 25 January 2015

How to do a fishtail plait/braid

How-To Fishtail Braid

People always ask me how to do a fishtail plait/braid and in less your right in front of me its hard to explain.But i found this diagram and thought it is really useful and easy to understand.

Just a few tips if your practice plaiting on your own hair pull it to the side its easier also make sure you spray it with hairspray so it to last longer.

If anybody has any questions feel free to ask ???

Best dressed at the NTA 2015

Well done to Maddy Hill ( Nancy from Eastenders) not only did she win  the award for best new comer ,she looked absolutely stunning and is our best dressed of the night. From her shoes to her hair she looked amazing a huge difference from the character she plays in Eastenders , Nancy who tends to only wear tracksuits and  messy buns.

Over The Moon

Chloe's Tip Of The Day

Chlo's Perfume of the month

so my perfume of the month is shh... by Jade Goody i know its old but i'v have always loved it. i haven't had any in a really long time then my mum got me some this Christmas and i fell in love with it all over again, if you like coco channel and flowers by kenzo you will love this its the perfect mix between the two.