Saturday, 14 February 2015

Alice's Tip Of The Day

So Today's tip is really a few tips combined that i learnt when i was studding beauty about how to file your Nails Correctly .

Tip 1. Always hold the nail file at an angle (like the picture below)

Directions how to file nails (oval, square, squoval, pointed)

Tip 2. Always File in one direction as i can cause the nail to split if filed back and forth

 Tip 3. Only file dry nails.

Image result for no wet hands 

Tip 4. File nails to shorten them (always use nail clippers)

Tip 5. Do not use a a metal nail file on your natural nail as it is too harsh and will cause your nails more harm than good so only use on gel or acrylic nails.

Image result for do not use a metal nail file

~ Hope you enjoy ~ Alice