Sunday, 10 May 2015

Primark Home Ware Haul

So here is my first haul for what feels like ages, as I've been being good and not spending too much money. I was in primark the other day and picked a few things up from the home ware department , so I thought I would do a mini primark haul and show you what I bought.

Blue king Duvet set £13
Pink Rose cushion £4
Coconut & Vanilla candle £2
Pineapple & Ginger grey candle 80p 

The Pineapple and Ginger candle smelt like it says on the label, the smell of the ginger is the more prominent scent, Pineapple is more of an underline scent.

The Coconut and Vanilla cream candle was a lovely mix of both scents, the smell of vanilla was more overpowering when it wasn't lit,  as soon as the candle is lit the strong smell of coconut fills the room.