Sunday, 1 February 2015

Alice's Tip Of The Day

Get rolled and ready with these overnight 'dos

Hey everyone, i haven't done a tip of the day for ages but i'm going to try post more regular .So today's tip of the day is how to curl your hair without heat from things you find around the house, its easy to do and doesn't damage your hair.

1.First you wash your hair
2.Next you comb your hair so its smooth
3.Then this stage is optional - you can add product (a mousse or a curl cream) to your hair to make the style last longer
4.Next you wrap your hair in rags,straws,cans . it all depends on what you have to hand and big you want the straws.
5.Then leave your hair to dry
6.Then the final stage is to take them out and there you have it lovely curly hair.

~Alice :)