Friday, 15 May 2015

100 years of maybelline NY

First advertisement before they became Maybelline under the brand Mabel laboratory's created by Thomas L. Williams, who was inspired by his sister, Mabel - mail order lash & brow (lash-brow-ine). selling at 50 cents a product.

Maybel laboratories Chicago and Vaseline joined to together to create Maybelline 

Maybelline launch an eyelash & eyebrow darkener and then soon after a liquid form selling at 75 cents.

20s Advert's- Hollywood actresses start to advertise Maybelline 
Maybelline, 1920s.  Phyllis Haver for Maybelline in the 1920s1920s Maybelline advertisement. Đây là hình ảnh quảng cáo mascara của hãng mabelline với hình ảnh cô gái flapper make up đậm với mắt đen và môi đỏ tối màu 1926 Actress Viola Dana endorsing Maybelline #advertisement

1930 - The first Maybelline eyebrow pencils and eye shadows where launched. 

1940- Maybelline released a misty eye shadow which  offered a new way to high light the eyes.
Betty Grable for Maybelline, 1940.
1950- Maybelline launch the first automatic mascara. They also become one of the first cosmetic brands to advertise on TV.  
Maybelline Magic Mascara - lasts for months, only a dollar!
1960- Maybelline started to internationally trade.  
Ultra Liners by Maybelline, 1969.  I had this! The eyeliner was a solid cake --just like pan watercolor paints-- and you used a wet brush to paint the liner on your eyes.  It was really "cool" to also use the white eyeliner to draw a second line just above the black. :-)

1970- In 1971 Maybelline launched the Great lash mascara: which still sells today in its famous pink and green tube. selling at the fast rate of 1 every 1.2 seconds since 2000.   

Maybelline Kissing Potion Shines of the Zodiac
These old lip glosses made your mouth really sticky. So, no -- you don't look innocent at ALL!

1980- Maybelline branched out in the late 70 and 80s and stared to sell makeup for the face lips and nails.
Maybelline, 1980s
1990- Maybelline's famous motto was created: 
“Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline” 
vintage yardley ads | Maybelline 1991 - Christy Turlington features in this campaign for ...  
2000- Maybelline release dream matte mousse. 

2010- Maybelline launch the falsies mascara and quickly became the worlds number 1 mascara.   

2015- Maybelline partner with designers to create looks on the catwalk world wide.