Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Sass&Belle - Shop Review

I recently watched some you tube hauls which included items from sass & belle which i had never heard of before but the items they included were totally gorgeous  so after watching the hauls i went on there website    and just had a look on at the items they had to offer  but ended up buying things because everything was just so nice and really good prices . i bought two things for me and i bought a couple of presents for people who birthdays are coming up which are amazing and wish i could keep for myself , so unfortunately cant show you them you yet but iv took pictures so i will post them when iv given the presents. 

But above are pictures of what i bought for myself . The first Item is a Unicorn Jewelry dish  which is only £9.95. I originally saw on YouTube and just loved  because i love all things unicorn  so just had to buy it and the other thing i bought  was a cream bird decoration for £1.50 which is so cute and dainty. overall i really love this shop the products are amazing and the delivery was really fast so i will definitely be ordering from there again.