Saturday, 4 July 2015

10 ways To Tame Frizz

1, Comb your hair through when its wet with a wide tooth comb not a brush.

WD readers share their home remedies for fighting #frizz

2, Use A serum that suits your hair.

This serum works in any weather to control curls, frizz, and flyaway hair. So whether you're caught in the rain, or trying to look cute at an outdoor party on a humid day — you're covered!
Bumble and bumble. Defrizz, $25,

3, Use A diffuser when drying your hair with a hairdryer.

6. Hairdryer Diffuser

4, Use A shampoo & conditioner that fights frizz.
Kerastase Bain Satin/ Lait Vital - InStyle Best Beauty Buys 2013 Winner #instylebbb

5, Rinse your hair with cold water for about 30 seconds at the end of washing your hair.

6, Try using  a taming cream or mousse, use a taming cream if your hair is quite dry.
Loose-Curls Styling Product "This is a super fun curl enhancer that really adds a lot of bounce to the hair. It's really effective if you run it through damp hair, and then take small sections and twist with your fingers for a spiral effect before lightly diffusing with a dryer. It controls frizz so well that you can frequently play with your hair and even separate the curls once it’s dry.” — Paul Norton
7. Have a regular trim,about every 6-8 weeks depending on your hair length.

8. Use a curling wand or straighteners to define curls  but always use a heat damage product. 

9. Use a leave in conditioner.

10. Use a satin pillow case to reduce the fly away and breakages of the hair.

~ Alice 

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