Monday, 24 November 2014

Alice's Tip Of The Day

So today my tip is how to make nail varnish with eye shadow in four easy steps 
What you will need:
  • An eye shadow in the colour of your choice 
  • A clear nail varnish 
  • A small container 

  1. First you pour some of the clear nail varnish  in the container (the amount you use depends on how much nail varnish you want to make )
  2. Then you  scrape some of the eyeshadow into the container which contains the nail varnish.
  3. Next you mix together the eyeshadow and the nail vanish.
  4. And there you have it, you have a brand new nail varnish  that you can paint your nails with.
If  you have any questions or if you decide to make this nail varnish then please leave a comment & upload pictures in the comment box or on our twitter

  Tuesdays Tip of the day enjoy~ Alice